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April 11th, 2014

Hiring for Social Media? Don’t Forget Emotional Intelligence

by Jennifer Williams

You’ve seen it in the news.  A company’s entire brand reputation suddenly under the guillotine of public scrutiny and anger because of one tweet or Facebook post gone wrong.

Take London Luton Airport who posted this doozy on Facebook last year:

Scout Moderation | Hiring for Social Media? Don’t Forget Emotional Intelligence

 Photo caption: See more at The 10 Biggest Social Media Marketing Fails of 2013

Note to London Luton; plane crashes are not funny.  This particular photo, as it turned out, was not only not funny, it depicted a tragedy that killed a 6 year old boy.

How could such a mistake have been made?

Even if  the person who posted this didn’t know the story behind the photo, plane crashes still aren’t funny.  For many, the idea of a plane crash triggers intense fear.  If London Luton really wanted to use this photo, they would have done better with a different angle, such as, “London Luton takes every precaution to prevent accidents like this when it snows.”  And if they wanted to use a humorous angle, they needed to find a photo that was actually funny, as in absurd and improbable, not emotionally triggering.

Minimizing Social Media Disasters with Intelligent Hiring

The key word in Social Media, is, has always been, and always will be “social”.  This simple fact should drive every Social Media hire.  Not – do they know how to design a Facebook page, or run a Facebook ad, or what tools to use, or how to measure?  These are important, but they can be easily learned.

What can’t be easily learned is emotional/social intelligence.  Therefore, this should be the most important criteria in hiring for Social Media management or execution.

Do they get people?   And I mean really get people.

Do they understand your core audience?  Who they are, what turns them on and off, what might trigger their defenses, what will inspire them, and so on.  Even if they understand your core audience, do they understand the sentiment about your brand, and more importantly, do they have their finger on the pulse of general public opinion about your type of brand?

The public climate is an ever-shifting landscape.

If your Social Media director/firm lacks in emotional and social intelligence, you better build some back-pedaling apologies into the schedule and the budget.


Jennifer Williams is a Marketing Behaviorist at Verilliance.com, building lean marketing strategies based on consumer and decision science.

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March 6th, 2014

A Viral Angry Mob Was Not the Kind of Viral You Were Hoping For

A Viral Angry Mob Was Not the Kind of Viral You Were Hoping For

by Scout

Last week the news around the social media water cooler was that Kelly Blazek had been nasty to someone via email, then the recipient of that email posted it to Reddit, and the rest is sad history involving an angry Internet mob with virtual pitchforks.

The lesson seems obvious, “don’t treat people badly, there’s an Internet out there”.  Of course, not being a jerk is a generally good rule of thumb for life, regardless.

Still, even if it seems a lack of common sense and common decency brought down Blazek, this kind of rabid, online take-down keeps some businesses up at night. “What if…what if there’s a misstep and we can’t control it?”

You’re right to be worried. We’re not going to lie.  You can be a darling one day, and the most hated personality/business/organization the next. With one misplaced word, one wrong joke, one rogue employee, one bad day, one loss of temper.

It doesn’t take much to whip up an angry Internet mob.

If that doesn’t make you tremble in your Facebook-inspired boots, we don’t know what will.

Ok, hold on. Lean in here so we can give you a few hints to ease your mind and help you avoid being on the receiving end of an Internet smack-down.

1.  Don’t be a hypocrite – the truth is, Blazek’s error was not that she was a jerk to someone; it was that she acted hypocritically. Online she presented herself as a humble, “just here to help” kind of person. In the offending email she acted arrogant, dismissive, rude, unkind, and certainly not helpful. No one likes hypocrisy. In fact, people really hate hypocrisy. It’s a form of lying, and it’s a trust-breaker. There are plenty of online personalities who get away with being a jerk because they don’t pretend to be anything else.

2. Never Step on the Underdog – Everyone loves the underdog, so take care not to step on one. If you do, expect the angry mob to rush in to defend and protect.  Underdogs are anyone who are earnest and have less power than you.

3. Be careful with the jokes – but not so careful that you have zero sense of humor. If you want to play it safe, stay away from politically incorrect jokes, or generally making a joke at someone else’s expense. Even Ellen Degeneres can’t always get away with her jokes. One safe avenue is to keep your jokes “in-house” – in other words, make fun of yourself.

4. Respond quickly to criticism – the longer someone waits for an apology, the angrier they get. If you get a phone call or email from an unhappy customer/client, respond in a timely manner. If you’re not able to respond within 12 hours, set up an auto-response letting people know how long the expected reply time is. Your first line of defense is to resolve complaints offline. If a customer takes to Social Media with their complaint, you have little time to respond before anger at being “ignored” sets in. Have a system for monitoring in place so you’re ready to respond.

5. Go beyond the apology – If you find yourself having to apologize to someone online, go beyond the apology and into the lesson.

This doesn’t cover every possible scenario, but implementing the above tips will help you avoid some major mishaps in Social Media. One other piece of advice…make sure someone with high emotional intelligence is at the helm of your Social Media.

Photo credit:  1931 Frankenstein movie still

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June 19th, 2012

Happy Social Media Day!

Happy Social Media Day!

by Scout

image credit:  mashable.com

These days, every day seems like a Social Media Day, but you can officially celebrate on June 30.

Mashable.com, an engaging online news source for the “Connected Generation,” is marking the importance of social media that day for users all over the world.  This is the third year in a row that the company has recognized the “digital revolution happening right before our eyes.”

Everyone is invited to host or attend a Meetup in their area to note the occasion.


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