2 Positive Reasons to Outsource Content Moderation

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When companies hire online moderation services, they usually have one thing primary on their mind…avoid an online PR crisis.

The internet is nonstop, and someone, somewhere is always disgruntled about something. Brand owners and managers hold their breath as the “eye of Sauron” sweeps the World Wide Web looking for the next brand misstep.

Having expert eyes on your content at all times can help catch a PR crisis in the making and nip it in the bud.

But there are some really positive reasons for outsourcing your online content moderation as well. Here are our top 2. 

Identify and Reward Brand Mentions in Real Time

Just as Pavlov’s dogs began to salivate in anticipation of food following the signal of a bell, people anticipate response to their social media posts. Soon after they post, the rewards notifications start sounding – “a like!”, “a comment!”, “oooh, a reshare!”, and the dopamine starts flowing.

If their post is about a product or brand they’ve fallen in love with, they don’t necessarily expect to hear from the brand right away, or at all, but a real-time response from the brand while the sentiment is fresh can really dazzle a customer already happy with your brand. Not to mention the visibility of this positive customer experience to all those watching/listening to the post.

Not many companies have a 24 hour in-house team solely dedicated to social listening and real-time response, so outsourcing fills the gap, ensuring your potential brand ambassadors get justly rewarded in a timely manner! Much easier (and less expensive) than paying for paid placement with influencers.

Customers are craving not just service, but attention. Wow them with some!

Whether their experience is positive or negative, customers crave real, personal attention in a world where most companies simply can’t or won’t make themselves available on a customer’s Internet schedule.

People are tired of robo-calls, recorded hoops to jump through to get to a live person, sending emails into dead air. They often resort to jumping on social media to see if that might get someone’s attention.

Once a customer turns to social media to get a brand’s attention, they have either exhausted all other options to get the attention they want, or they just don’t bother with the standard channels anymore because they know it’s time-consuming and futile.

Having a dedicated outsourced team who speaks your customer’s native language and can respond to Social Media comments or requests for customer service will help you stand out against competitors and build a loyal customer base.

Outsource not just to catch problems, but to delight your customers and increase your bottom line.

These are our top 2 positive reasons to outsource your content moderation, but there are, some would argue, many others. The main point is that you shouldn’t view content moderation as only a protective measure, but also as a tool to build positive brand sentiment and loyalty.

Jennifer Williams is a Marketing Behaviorist at Verilliance.com, building lean marketing strategies based on consumer and decision science.

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