Year: 2012

Scout+ Customer Service Outsourcing

Multilingual Content Moderation

“Think globally, act locally.”  That’s a motto that has guided many of us for years, and while that’s still important, when it comes to your business, you can now act globally, too.

Scout+ Customer Service Outsourcing

Happy Social Media Day!

These days, every day seems like a Social Media Day, but you can officially celebrate on June 30.

Scout+ Customer Service Outsourcing

Five tips for customizing your TOS

Every company that allows users to post content on its website should have User Guidelines or a Terms of Service (TOS) agreement in place. These guidelines outline what your tolerance is in terms of what can and can’t be posted. Don’t want cyber bullies?

Scout+ Customer Service Outsourcing

1984 vs Now

Online moderators often get a bad rap.

The “censor” label is often applied to us – sometimes in jest, and sometimes in all sincerity – but the fact remains that moderators protect the public from hateful speech and violence that can extend to sexual violence.

Scout+ Customer Service Outsourcing

International Women’s Day

This year International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8.  As a woman-owned business, we at Scout Moderation feel very inspired by IWD’s initiatives to promote women’s equality and advancement.

Scout+ Customer Service Outsourcing

What would Emily say about cyber bullying?

Scout Moderation is based near Amherst, Massachusetts, birthplace of poet, Emily Dickinson.  At Scout, we are committed to keeping the online conversation civil.  We wonder, what would Emily Dickinson say about using the social network to hurt and bully?

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