Facebook users exposed to toxic images

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image credit:  © Facebook 

Does the recent Facebook hack have you nervous that it could happen to you?  The idea of porn or violent images next to a Pampers ad – on your site – keeps a lot of social media managers up at night.  If your news or Facebook site gets spammed with porn when you’re not looking, you risk exposing your users to toxic images or spam links that can steal personal information.  If you don’t protect your users, you’ll lose them.

Spammers can always find ways around filtering software.  You need someone there to act quickly before the damage is done to your brand.  The human moderators at Scout are the immediate solution you need.  We monitor sites and catch spammers in the act, and, we’re good at it.  With Scout on top of things, you can focus on what you know best – your business.

Scout provides Facebook moderation services, regularly scheduling checks of your Facebook page to screen for off-brand comments or images.  We’ll keep you apprised of any attacks on your site or on your users.  We’re the partner you need to keep your social sites safe.  You can relax and count on Scout.

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