Happy Social Media Day!

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image credit:  mashable.com

These days, every day seems like a Social Media Day, but you can officially celebrate on June 30.

Mashable.com, an engaging online news source for the “Connected Generation,” is marking the importance of social media that day for users all over the world.  This is the third year in a row that the company has recognized the “digital revolution happening right before our eyes.”

Everyone is invited to host or attend a Meetup in their area to note the occasion.

Why celebrate?  Take a peek at this interesting stat: In a recent study, EMarketer forecasted that, “There will be 1.43 billion social network users in 2012, a 19.2 percent increase over 2011…amounting to a substantial share of the world’s entire population.”

Numbers like that just go to show the world loves social media.  It plays an important part in people’s lives and in this company’s life.  The fact that you are reading this blog automatically puts you in the social media-connected category.

Remember how you once connected with family and friends?  Writing a letter and slapping a stamp on it?  Dialing the phone and talking?  You only reached one person at a time that way.  All the various methods of social media have just about replaced communicating via snail mail and landlines, and they have broadened the number of people we can reach into the millions.  Social media enhances our lives and makes it easier to connect with people.

And don’t forget that social media continues to grow in popularity and that it connects people with what they watch and what they buy.

It might surprise you to learn which age group is increasingly using social media. According to a study conducted by Edison Research, “Americans age 45 and older represent the largest percentage increase in social media usage in the past year, now up to 38 percent (from 31 percent in 2011).”  The good news is this demographic is less tolerant of abusive or inappropriate behavior.

If you have a lot to say about how social media impacts your life, set up your own celebration on June 30. Get together with friends and other interested social media users and talk to each other. The old-fashioned way – and online.

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