Put the Care in Healthcare for Online Patient Interactions

Whether your organization is a healthcare provider, payer, portal or global pharma leader – your patient is what matters most. Patient-centered healthcare is the new era of healthcare and technology is now being used to optimize patient care and medical support. 

Scout+ is a HIPAA & HITECH compliant customer care support solution for healthcare. Our experienced and highly trained representatives work as an extension of your team to help improve patient satisfaction.

Scout+ services tailored to healthcare include:

  • Streamlined patient scheduling and administrative tasks driving greater efficiencies

  • Collection of healthcare analytics data

    Uncover trends into what patients are asking for and collect information that matters to your organization.

  • Anticipate, prevent and respond to Adverse Drug Events (ADEs)

    Unaddressed they can lead to fines from the FDA - our team can help you transform the capture and management of ADEs preventatively

  • Slow the spread of misinformation

    The World Health Organization coined the influence of misinformation on the spread of COVID-19 “infodemic” - Scout+ content moderation is a specific way you can help address misinformation that’s harmful to your community.

As your partner, our goal is to help keep patients reassured by easy access to information and solutions, while managing industry compliance and privacy needs. Scout+ can help you empower patients and scale your support programs.

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