Retail & eCommerce

Cater To Today's Dynamic Shoppers.

The pandemic has accelerated changes in the way we shop. Online shopping trends continue to rise and consumer expectations are at an all-time high. For Retail & eCommerce, this means that the customer experience journey has become more complex and dynamic than ever. 

As more customers move online for shopping, they carry their in-person expectations to digital spaces. Customers want, and expect, a fast response. They want personalized interactions that make them feel valued. And they want their problems solved without having to work for it. 

Leveling up your customer care strategy builds loyalty and drives profit. 

However, managing the customer experience can feel impossible during the holiday season or in times of surge.

Redefine 'Personal Shopping' With Scout + As Your Partner.

Our team of highly trained technical and customer centric specialists helps your business reduce customer effort while improving customer experience, particularly during surges like holidays and sales, delighting your customers and alleviating the strain on your core in-house team.

Scout+ services specialized for retail include:

Exceptional customer experience depends on personalization and consistency. The Scout+ solution is a layered, multi-channel approach to providing the human touch your customers are looking for, at scale.

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