Social Media is 24/7, so your brand has to be too.

Give your customers the opportunity to engage with your brand in real-time. Our team will respond and resolve issues that help you deliver on your promise to provide excellent customer service.

Humans not algorithms

Our staff of human agents and moderators can pick up on nuances that algorithms and AI can’t. Customers prefer interacting with real humans. Our humans connect to your customers with intuitive responses, not robotic replies, and your customers will feel more cared for and more trusting of you.


When your customer turns to social media for customer service, we’ll be there when you can’t be, to provide expert and friendly service that will keep your customers happy. We’re your support 24/7/365.


Stay focused on the daily tasks of running a business while we watch over your social media. We’ll help encourage positive engagement that grows customer influence for your brand. By listening and engaging, we bring you closer to your customers.


Social media risks can balloon into a crisis in a matter of days, hours, or even minutes. Information fueled by emotion spreads through the online social sphere at lightning speed. We’ve got you covered, and can alert you, in real-time, to any escalation.

Short and Long-term Benefits

We work with your AI to deliver a seamless human-digital experience

When your customer engages with a chatbot, you want seamless integration with human agents to eliminate friction and keep your customers delighted across every touchpoint. Scout+ is compatible and experienced with all support software so you can keep working with the tools you already use!

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