Content Moderation

We keep your brand safe in a 24/7 online environment.

Social Media never sleeps, but you and your staff need to. Our highly trained and professional staff, with experience across multiple channels, handles all your moderation, engagement, and crisis management needs around the clock, 365 days a year so you can rest easy.

Social media and online forums depend on user-generated content. They are channels where brands want their customers to communicate with them and each other online freely to be able to measure or analyze their sentiments towards their products, services and reputation.

When your brand’s mission is to inspire creativity or bring joy don’t let the trolls and other opportunists ruin it for others. You want your community members to have the best experience online, which means being able to share content and have fun while feeling safe and comfortable. This requires moderation to ensure that people comply with the guidelines. That is why Scout+ offers content moderation services to help brands better manage their online content and attract new users.

Some of the content that Scout+ screens for are: racism, hate speech, political extremism, fake news, inappropriate words, images and video. When your pages and forums are free of content of that nature it creates a positive social media environment, encourages members of your online community to treat everyone with kindness and respect, and at an unconscious level confirms your brand’s high quality. It’s like keeping a professional building clean of garbage, loiterers, and graffiti.

When you outsource content moderation to Scout+ you can be sure that every single comment, image or video submitted to your site or forum will be processed by a trained moderator according to your guidelines.  Nothing will be approved or published that doesn’t follow the guidelines so you don’t have to worry about content sitting on your site that would tarnish your brand’s image. Outsourcing is a cost effective way to ensure your customers and community see your brand in a positive light.

Trustworthy vendor who is truly part of their in-house team.

24/7 coverage for brands during global or PR crisis

Detailed reports that help you make data-driven decisions.

Outsourcing with an In-House feel.

Scout+ will monitor, moderate and escalate essential content.

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