Part 2: A terrible example of why moderation is crucial

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If you’ve been reading the news lately, you know that the cyber bullying controversy is huge – and recently tragic.  People from all over the world have heard about the Phoebe Prince case and are extremely concerned and interested in finding a solution.

When social networking sites are being used for good – they are truly amazing. We’ve seen business deals done, old friends reconnected, new companies formed, millions and billions of dollars raised for good causes…to name a few.  But, when social networking sites are being used for bad – in this case, as a tool to publicly shame, bully or harm other people – we have a problem.

We believe that the hosts of these sites need to take immediate action.  Think about it!  If you were hosting a party, and one of your guests was harassing and abusing another in your living room, you would send the bad guests packing, right?  Zero tolerance!  Websites and internet communities should do everything they can to stop internet vigilantism and cyber bullying.  But how?

Scout Moderation couldn’t be more relevant to solving the problem.  What would Scout Moderation’s solutions be?  Here’s a list of the ways that our services can help!

  • We are the eyes and ears on your site 24/7.
  • Scout moderators can quickly identify abusive users and take action according to your Terms of Service.
  • Bullying, threats and any form of violence, hatred or harassment will take the highest priority.
  • Scout moderators will unpublish hate messages swiftly BEFORE they tarnish your brand.

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