Customer service outsourcing made easy.

We fill in the gaps of your in-house customer service with as much care and competence as your own team for a seamless, delightful customer experience, offering measurable improvements in customer retention and loyalty.

Customers expect the same level of service online as they do in-person.

They want to know they MATTER to you. Beyond 24/7, your customer service needs to flex to provide service on the platform of your customer’s choice,  intelligently and empathetically delivered to go beyond solving frustrations.

Trusted by businesses you know and love.

Meet your customers where they are

Our team meets your customers where they are, literally, online. Whether they prefer a particular social media channel, texting, or using your website, Scout+ customer service reps are prepared and can move seamlessly between channels.

Offer human touch at critical moments

Chatbots are great to handle simple tasks and provide immediate customer service response, but sometimes customers want that personalized human touch, or the issue is too complex for a chatbot.

Offer your customers seamless transition from a chatbot to personalized, warm, competent, service and watch your brand loyalty and customer satisfaction increase.

Scout+ humans deliver instant support takeover when the chatbot isn’t enough.

We keep your brand safe in a 24/7 online environment

Social Media never sleeps, but you and your staff need to. Our highly trained, professional staff are experienced across multiple channels to handle all your moderation, engagement, and crisis management needs around the clock, 365 days a year so you can rest easy.

We work with your AI to deliver a seamless human-digital experience

When your customer engages with a chatbot, you want seamless integration with human agents to eliminate friction and keep your customers delighted across every touchpoint. Scout+ is compatible and experienced with all support software so you can keep working with the tools you already use!

Here's Why Customers Choose Us

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